10 years, 10 weeks! 10 weeks left to our festival and we will celebrate our 10 year jubilee with special blog posts in the next weeks. Let us take a look back at special moments in the past years.
Let’s start with number one.

Since 2009, Go Short is the only festival exclusive for short films in the Netherlands. In 2009 we got 910 submitted films, last year we got three times as much as in 2009! 4000 visitors in 2009 and 16000 in 2017. Go Short is still growing. One of our first award winning films was The Girl With The Yellow Socks, directed by Grzegorz Muskala. Winner of Breaking Shorts Award for Best European Student Film.

This short films is about a young couple which is spending the day in bed. He asks her, if she wants to marry him. At first she says no. If you want to know if there is a happy ending, you have to watch it. The short films from Grzegorz Muskala have been shown at over 250 festivals worldwide and have gained more than 30 awards.

Happy viewing! We will see you next week. Stay tuned.