Even bankrobbers can be hilariously unprofessional. This short film of Thomas Hefferon takes place in a car completely. It’s really funny to see how these three friends are planning a bank robbery and the only thing that they’re doing is arguing about what threats they will use. These confusing, but comical, conversations are typical for Hefferon’s films. He has made four short films and in all of them dialogue plays an important role.

The first short film Hefferon made is The Confession. In total he made four short films and The Heist was the last one. The Confession tells the story of a young man who goes to a church to confess, but when his friend asks what the priest said you will see that there is a strange, but funny, misunderstanding between them.

Hefferon was born in London and raised in Ireland, from which he is still working. He also works in the duo Tommy-Jonny.  Their focus is storytelling using creative mediums. They mostly make commercials and music videos. Johnny Han is living in America and has worked in the commercial and TV-series business. To broaden his filmmaking career he joined the London-based Framestore team. This is an international enterprise that combines craftsmanship and new technologies.

Hefferon has won several prices at different festivals all over the world. He was even nominated for ‘Best New Director’ at the Kinsale Shark Awards. This is one of the oldest advertising awards in the world. After winning this price for Best New Director, Hefferon started making commercials.

This film The Heist was screened at our own festival Go Short in 2012 as part of our Comedy Shorts.