A few weeks ago we posted a blog about Wild Horses (2017), that was part of our Student Competition at Go Short last april. This week The Hunger (2017) is our Short Shot, a short that was part of Go Short last edition as well, being selected for the European Competition.

Sometimes when you see a film it just feels so much alive. The Hunger is this kind of film. The camera moves freely, but in a way so smooth, a lot of effort had to been put in to make it all look this good. It is interesting to see how the film changes its aspect ratio throughout the film, choosing to switch for example from a 16:9 aspect ratio to a 1 : 2.35 aspect ratio, when the main character, a sixteen year old boy, switches in a dreamlike state. It is a dreamlike state in which red lights and electronic music dominate and in which our main character breaks the fourth wall more than once. The boy’s dreams resolve around his desire of becoming a great boxer or a great fighter in general. But what fascinates him in the end the most is finding a drug dealer named Lucifer for the drugs he wants to buy gladly. The Hunger truly draws you inside the head of this sixteen year old boy. The acting, the structure of the film that keeps you as an audience member curious about the unfolding of the film, the masterfully crafted sound design and the beautiful cinematography, it makes for a short that is more than deserving of your attention and in the end was more than worthy of its selection for Go Short’s European Competition program last edition. Go on, watch this short! The Hunger was also a Staff Pick Premiere, read here what the Vimeo Staff had to say about The Hunger.


Cast Anders T. Andersen, Hendrik Dieter Stenholt, 
Mikkel Bratt Silset, Odin Waage.

Written and directed by Kenneth Karlstad

Produced by Peter Onstad Løkke

Director of Photography Pål Ulvik Rokseth

Sound Design Johannes Dekko, Inger Elise Holm

Sound Mix Daniel Lindvik