Change is always difficult, and giving up might be even harder. This boy tells the story about his life and how he needed to leave something behind.

A film doesn’t always need an adventure. Sometimes the story that precedes the adventure is more interesting and recognizable. Here it’s the story of a boy who grows up with his family on a little Island in North Carolina, where his father and his grandfather have been raised. The little fishermen’s island is where he finds his love and wants to raise his kids. When a bridge is build to the main land he sees his family and friends crossing the bridge, and not coming back. Will he ever cross the bridge himself, or will he wait until life hits him in the head?

The film is made by Lucky Treehouse, a collective of filmmakers based in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  They draw their inspiration from stories of youth.  Tyler Nilson, one of the directors, is also the main actor. The film has been a success, appearing at many film festivals all over America.

Short Shot The moped Diaries