This week in Short Shot, we take a look at a French-American short film called The Strange Ones (2011). In 2011 this short film received a lot of attention from multiple film festivals like Sundance and the SXSW. It was also screened in the European Competition on Go Short in 2012.  A feature adaptation with the same name was released last year.

A few seconds of black. The sound of a car engine that is about to start, but then stalls. The voice of a man, whose words “shit” and “fuck” and the sound of him hitting the driving wheel reveal his frustration. A shot of the boy who just seems to have been woken up by this sound. From this first few seconds on, ambiguity arises. Who are this man and this boy and where are they going? Are they brothers on their way home to their mother? The young boy seems to suggest otherwise. This is the kind of short film where a lot of the story is happening inside of the head of the audience. Questions arise while watching this short and a revelation during the short brings about just as much questions as it offers answers to its audience. If you are curious, the feature gives you some answers to what the relationship between these characters is actually about. But isn’t there something magical about having your own thoughts concerning what is going on in a short?

Cast David Call, Tobias Campbell, Merritt Wever
Written and directed by Christopher Radcliff, Lauren Wolkstein
Produced by Joonhan Lee
Director of Photography Drew Innis