These people look like pickles! Pickles in love! This film is about pickles in love with computers or something! It’s weird! But, and this cannot be stressed enough, it’s also strangely poetic and beautiful.

The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal is one of those movies that’s hard to talk about. Christina Felisgrau and Ronnie Rivera’s blocky, static animation create a masterfully weird atmosphere, supported by a poetic voice-over by Agustina Woodgate (in Spanish… because why not?). Special mention to the beautiful music of Otto von Schirach and Nayib Estefan. This might just be art, but we’re not sure. Try it for yourself: get swept away by this bizarre story about forbidden love.

Ronnie Rivera previously made The Adventures of Christopher Bosch in the Multiverse!, which is equally weird.

The Sun Like A Big Dark Animal