Even though the festival is starting today (!!!!!), we still couldn’t abandon the short shots. So here you go, this is a great nature short!

Even though nature is something we are all familiar with, this short gives a new view on how to frame it. The makers of the film wanted to show the beauty of the place it was made: Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. It is impossible to deny the roughness of this place and it looks amazing in this short. The images in the video are from Expedition Arguk which was in 2013. Expedition Arguk walked and packrafted across 300 miles of wilderness in the Alaska Arctic in order to report on Arctic issues and create public-use media from this far-off but increasingly important region. “The World Beyond the World” was shot during the first third of our trip, which took place entirely in Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. Gates of the Arctic is the second-largest US National Park, but its extraordinary remoteness and challenging weather mean that the Park sees relatively few visitors. There are no guidebooks, trails, campgrounds, or roads. Most of the photos that make up this film are available for 100% free, unrestricted public use at expeditionarguk.com