Thunder Road, the brand new short from director, screenwriter and actor Jim Cummings, has been released online a couple of days ago. The award winning film (it has won awards at SXSW, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance) is a touching movie about a cop who is saying goodbye to his mother, in a very special way.

Bruce Springsteen’s song Thunder Road is – as the film title already indicates – an important aspect of the film. Cummings has had quite some struggle to get the rights to the song. He already payed $7,000 for the rights to the song, so it could travel the festival circuit and he faced another fee to put his short online. Cummings wrote an open letter to Springsteen, where he asked for the music rights, and it worked, hence we can see the short online now!

The film has been shot as one long take, which makes the audience feel more present and more part of the story. The film is about a cop (played by Cummings) who is paying his last tribute to his deceased mom. When he plays Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder Road, he dramatically performs and sings along with the lyrics. Arnaud the cop is kind of a quirky personality, he is both understandable and charismatic, but at the same time a bit awkward. The acting is great, because you really feel connected with Arnaud. The combination of the single long take and the excellent acting makes Thunder Road a must see!