While we all look back on a very successful festival, we must not forget some of the newest shorts that were presented during the festival. The films that were made during the 48 hour film project lured a big audience to the festival. For good reason, the films might have been made in a rush, but you certainly can’t skip over them. This is the runner up to the best film award and winner of the audience award: Top Dog.
It sounds crazy, to make a stop motion animation film in 48 hours. After all, making an animation of two seconds takes maybe fifteen minutes to make. So when the team captains friend proposed an animation for the film project, she thought he was mad. Then, after some tests it seemed plausible that it could be done in 48 hours. This, however didn’t take away the stress.

The 48 hour film project started on Friday, April 4 at 19:00. Sjalot Ink. initially got the theme ‘thriller/suspense’ but went for the wildcard and got ‘inspirational movie’. The other elements they had to use were, nurse Cornelia, a lighter, and the line ‘life is like a bumpercar’.

The result is an uplifting, calm animation about a dog who dreams but finds out that his happiness can be found without getting himself into trouble. Life truly is like a bumpercar.