We all have these memories about a special place or a moment with special people. The way we can remember those situations is by capturing it with a photograph. Everybody knows the prverb: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.  But what if you cannot see these pictures?

Touchable Memories tells the story of five blind people from all over the world. They tell us about their dearest memories and how they would want to relive those moments. They all have a photo, but they can’t see it.

Marco Aslan made a documentary about how these pictures came alive for those people and how the memories started to revive. You can see how new technology can translate photos for blind people, and have them experience the captured moments again and in a completely new way.

Aslan has an Italian father and a French/ Uruguayan mother, and because of this he has seen a lot of the world. This has a big influence on his work. He travels a lot and tries to tell stories from all over the world, like the story of these blind people.


touchable memories