10 years, 3 weeks! 3 weeks left to our festival and we will celebrate our 10 year jubilee with special blog posts in the next weeks. What would a film festival be without its programmers? Well, this week the spotlights are on Wouter Jansen, head of competition programs.

We’ve looked back at the past 10 years in different kinds of ways. Of course, there are also some people who are here since the very beginning, and one of them is Wouter Jansen. Back in 2009, Wouter began as one of the first interns of Go Short, and in the following edition he became the programmer of the festival. I asked him to pick a film for this weeks Short Shot, and he immediately said Travellers in the Night by Ena Sendijarevic, and this is why.

Stimulating the industry of short film, that’s what matters to us.
As a gatekeeper we show you qualitative shorts, serve as a platform for young talent and encourage dialogue.

Short film has a better position now than at the beginning of the festival. This may have be the result of the internet. With that, our job as a gatekeeper has become more important than ever. “Travellers in the Night embodies the function of Go Short: serving a platform for young talent,” according to Wouter. Ena Sendijarevic made this short in her third year at the Dutch Film Academy. Travellers in the Night has been screened at more than 50(!) film festivals over the world. She won several prizes among which the VEVAM – Go Short Award for Best Dutch Short Film in 2014. After she graduated, she debuted with the film Import which has been screened at Cannes as part of Quinzaine des RealisateursThis film has also been screened at our festival edition 2017, and is also one of the winners of the European Competition.

Regardless of the huge amount of films Wouter has watched in his life, the best thing about his job is that “films can still surprise me, and I can get very excited about it”. Unfortunately, this will be Wouters last edition at Go Short, and therefore our festival director Kirsten Ruber has curated a special program for him: Who Let the Dog Out?! This program will be screened once at Friday the 13th, so you don’t want to miss it!  But for now, sit back, relax, and check out this weeks pick:

A woman works in a gas station, alone, at night. People she doesn’t know step into her world and out again, leaving her in her own little bubble. Until one night, a special kind of stranger walks in.