Three extreme situations that are actually the same. With a synopsis like that, you can’t help being curious about this short, right?

Right! Voice Over clearly shows how important a great script is for a short film. Luiso Berdejo wrote it, and you may know him from the great Spanish horror film [REC] and all the remakes and sequels that followed it. With this film he proves that he can also achieve the same suspense in only 8 minutes. Starting with a, who would have guessed it, voice over telling you that the ship of the main character chrash-landed on an unknown planet, you get sucked into the story straight away. But then the story jumps to a character in the First World War, and again, there you are, glued to your screen. To only pull it off again, cutting to a lonely fisherman. Only to build up to a great conclusion that’s only possible in a short film. Enjoy!