How can art and music flow into one another?

When you hear the song Volcano Lagoon the image of a summer day could come to mind. Sitting in the backyard with friends, with a glass of fine wine. Or

The Dutch band Eerie Wanda consists of Marina Tadic (songwriting, vocals, guitar), Jasper Verhulst (bass, production), Bram Vervaet (guitar) and Nic Niggebrugge (drums). Marina Tadic, who is also a member of the band Earth Mk. II, started the band to perform her own songs.

Tadic studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts and  produced the video for this song herself. We asked Tadic some questions:

How did you go about making the film?

I created the frames in Photoshop (all the frames are individual jpeg’s) and then put them all together in iMovie to create a stop-motion sequence.

How did you come to this design?

I didn’t make any plans or sketches in advance, I just did everything intuitive and on the rhythm of the music. I wanted the music video to be very abstract, without real pictures, so there is a lot of room for people to make their own interpretations.

Short Shot