‘De Staat’ is a Dutch rockband¬†from Nijmegen, where our festival is being held. Today, we will show you one of their clips, Witch Doctor, that is made by Floris Kaayk.¬†

This clip is a pretty intense one. It shows a large group of bald men (and very few with hair). The group is getting into the vibe of the song, as they are being led by the frontman of ‘De Staat’, Torre Florim. Floris Kaayk is ambassador of the Creative City from The Hague, the Netherlands. His work focusses on futuristic visions, fantasies and concepts, as he tells us on his website. We think this clip defintely features those qualities!

To see how he makes these fantasies come true, you can look at the making of the video on the website of Studio Smack, the studio which cooperated in making the clip.