In this music video a lot of different animation and filming techniques were used to illustrate the psychological problems of the main character.

Semicircle shows how hard leaving the comforts of your safe little room can be. Telling the story of a guy who is trapped in his room by his own fear of the outside world. He sees the world around him as a dangerous maze full of demons who are trying to make sure he regrets every step outside his safe zone.

At the age of 18, Bram Knol started his first big project ‘Despair”. A 5 minute view into a rich and unique fantasy world brought to life by the large number of props, costumes and visual effects.

At that time he had no experience whatsoever with movies and projects of this scale, but he handled all aspects of pre production, production and post production on his own. Creating this epic short film introduced him to a larger audience and gave him the experience and knowledge needed for his next projects.

In 2014 Bram released his first music video for the song Stillness of the Woods by Guiliaume Finta. The animation got him nominated for Best Student Award by the Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival.