Are you too awkward to tell your crush about your deep feelings? Do you want to tell that annoying colleague the truth finally, but lack the courage? Film maker Miranda July shows us a funny solution for these problems!

Women’s Tales #8 is a collaboration between fashion brand Miu Miu and film director Miranda July (Me and You and Everyone We Know) and is a part of Miu Miu’s seriesĀ Women’s Tales. The short film is at first a work of art, second it is made to promote Miranda July’s new app Somebody. With Somebody, you can send an instant message to somebody you know, but the message is “acted out” by a stranger because you don’t want to face the person yourself. As a real film director, the Somebody user can give the “actor” directions and advice (gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice) to influence the message. Women’s Tales #8 shows us a variety of people using the app for their special messages. Each message has its own emotional story: from a fight about clothes to a marriage proposal in a long distance relationship.

Of course we feel the irony all over the place: are we too socially awkward and self-involved to tell other people the truth in real life? Are we too addicted to our smartphones and instant messaging? Should we stimulate face to face contact more? Both the app and the short film are food for thought about how we interact with other people.

Women’s Tales #8 premiered at the 2014 Venice Film Festival. The app Somebody is available in the Apple App Store.