Trick or treat: here is our treat for you!

Have you survived last night? Have you been trick-or-treating? This treat you can not eat, unfortunately.

After this little puppets career in the Saw horror movies, Jigsaw seems to have moved on and settled for a regular nine-to-five job at the office. But why not making his job a little bit more interesting by playing some fun games with his colleagues? Old habits never dies, right? Working with Jigsaw is an hilarious 3-minutes short full of details which raise so many questions like the anonymous man who walks by, covered in post-it notes.

Chris Capel is known for his work as animator at DreamWorks Feature Animation for features such as Zootropolis, Kung Fu Panda 2 and Flushed Away, but “strives to one day be a big time director so he can just sit in a chair and tell people what to do”, so he says.

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