World of Glory (1991) was shown as part of both Eva’s Choice program and Patrik’s Choice program in the past edition of Go Short.  During most of this short film, a plain, ordinary man tells us about his work as a real-estate broker, his dead father, his ordinary home and so on in a naturalistic voice, lacking any emotions. That doesn’t mean the film only represents ordinary events.

The film begins quite lugubrious, when in the opening scene a large group of naked people are put in a truck and a little child resists screamingly. When finally the child admits with fierce resistance and goes inside the truck, the doors of truck close and then the people inside the truck are gassed, while a crowd is watching. Typically of Roy Andersson according to his IMDB page, are his Long tableaux shots. There are tableaux shots in the sense that the shots could very much be paintings on its own, but his scenes most noticely comprise of only one quite wide shot, that is static as well. As Roy Andersson once said himself:

I think that the wide shot tells a lot about the human being that a close-up can’t. About their place in the world. The wide shot defines the human being more than the close-up because, for example, the room where the person is tells about […] his life.

But also, because Andersson refuses to cut, the audience member itself is encouraged to edit himself. 

In World of Glory (1991) the long shot at moments helps to confirm the way of the real-estate broker that is our main character. Because our real-estate broker isn’t really that ordinary as the synopsis supposes. In the end, nothing really is that ordinary.

 In my opinion, in my films a larger portion is comedy than tragedy. But I know that many people think the contrary. I prefer comedy, but not a comedy that very easily read.